Saturday, July 11, 2015

Museum of Modern Art

Uptown to today's cultural experiences at the MOMA but first a recommended, hole-in-the-wall diner in the theater district, a Cuban el-cheapo restaurant called Margon Restaurant.

The food is cheap, plentiful and expertly prepared, $15 a head for too much food, including some Cuban dishes and excellent rice-and-beans.

Sideways to the MOMA, there is a Yoko Ono exhibition, a study of Latin American architecture and the MOMA's collection not much changed from last time.

The Latin American architecture exhibit is quite historical - the futurism and ambition of Brasilia against the pressures of urbanization and massive population growth.

The major collections of "modern" art are displayed over several floors.

One display showcased music, both the graphics of pop posters and record albums and the design of hi-fi components.

And Andy Warhol ...

Some confronting works ...

Outside is a small garden area with some sculptures.

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