Friday, July 17, 2015


Quietly spending the days living the New York life and learning the ways of the city. We've got more confident exploring with the numbered streets from south to north and the numbered avenues from east to west. Named street go diagonally, it seems.

Lynda heads to the Bronx on Thursday to see the Botanical Gardens and the Frida Kahlo exhibition. The guide recommends the Harlem train, which stops outside the gardens but costs much more than the slower subway.

I wander down Bleecker Street to a nice bespoke tailor, actually a Ralph Lauren outlet, but there is nothing to suit sir's tastes and ... err ... carriage.

In the evening we watch the Frida Kahlo movie then adjourn to the nearby tapas bar El Cid for a a third time, We're ambushed by two young women in tight black skirts promoting Strongbow Cider and giving out complementary samples. Ugh, cider.

 Friday we're on a different path - Lynda heads to the Chelsea art galleries and I go uptown to the Frick Museum to pay homage to Hans Holbein's painting of Thomas More.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the museum apart from the indoor atrium.

I walk down 5th Avenue alongside Central Park and then zig-zag out of the sun, looking at the uptown and midtown stores, theatres and hotels.

The famous Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is starring in a show called An Act of God , so I take a few snaps for the enjoyment of my Aunt.

Tonight we're going to the cinema to see the new Woody Allen movie Irrational Man at the Angelika Film Center on West Houston Street. Not a bad film, despite mixed reviews. Afterwards a tapas meal at Barraca and home.

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