Monday, July 20, 2015

Stinking hot

Summer in New York is oppressive, not so much the heat than the humidity. For generations affluent New Yorkers have escaped to The Hamptons or Cape Cod, as the city stews in its own juice.

The city is dirty with sooty dust and has the general smell of ripening garbage despite quite regular trash pickups. Bags of rubbish in bin liners lie on the kerbs, especially outside apartment buildings and restaurants, and drip into the subway vents.

Soaked to the skin, your humble narrator ventures out regardless, Today, first stop is the flea market at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just on the other side of the East River from Manhattan.

This part of Brooklyn has character and some interesting older buildings, some with shingles.

It's really too hot to walk around an open-air flea market, but we do a quick circuit and see what's on offer. Not much of interest - over priced and over here.

We're a little tired of stomping around but take a few snaps on the way back to the L train.

There's an indoor artists' market which has some more interesting stuff - tiles made from old magazine adverts and comics, every sort of jewelry and vintage clothing.

Back in Manhattan, we walk up 14th Street to revisit Coppelia's for lunch and some drinks. Lynda has found the frozen margarita a helpful digestif in this disturbing hot weather.

Come the evening, we're meeting Lynda's niece Katrina at Awash Restaurant in the East Village, It's Ethiopian cuisine, served on a plate of pancake-like Teff Injera and comprises curried meats and vegetables. It's very like the Kenyan food we've eaten in Perth, spicy and satisfying with Ethiopian beer and honey mead.

Katrina is a smart, progressive, young woman really making her way overseas after leaving Perth 10 years ago and working in all sorts of jobs in London and New York. She works at the LGBTQ Taskforce for employment, reproductive and other human rights,

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