Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday matinee

A quieter morning after a late night, and another futile visit to Johny's diner om W25th Street - too full when we arrived just before 12:00. Nearby, the Malibu Diner gets our custom and we , in turn, get a little too much burger and omelet,

From there, a trip uptown to the play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at the Barrymore Theatre. It's a brilliant play with inspired young actor Alex Sharp, who is convincing as an autistic young man unraveling a family mystery,

The stage is exceptional - an electronic set which provides three dimensions, a computer display and all the sets needed. I've not seen a modern software set so well executed.

Back downtown, we walk through Greenwich Village and admire the diversity.

A shopping trip to Whole Foods on 7th Avenue to pick up some food for dinners in. The store prides itself on being more ethical than its competitors, so it was a big wake-up call when it got sprung recently for overcharging,

Ethically shopped, it was time for drinkies at Intermezzo on 8th Avenue (frozen margaritas are now Lynda's summer tipple) and home for roast chicken and fresh vegetables.

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