Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Penn and Teller

Another hot day, so limiting the outreach to our eager American students today. Lynda is having another go at getting some Merrells shoes uptown, while I cruise down to Chelsea Market for some light shopping in air-conditioned comfort,

The chocolate and book shopping is very good - I anticipate some rejoicing as I bring home some blond Valrhona Dulcey chocolate - and I return home for a light lunch of doggy bag and wine.

We've an early booking at swish Theatre District restaurant The Lambs' Club, participating in the New York Restaurant Week promotion of cheapish price fixe meals,

The price fixe menu is short and to the point. I go with the Italian Burrata cheese appetizer with strawberries and sauces, which presents as a soft white cheese quite similar to Turkish breakfast cheese,

Mains is an Amish Chicken, slices of breast with small onions and heavily-sauced green weeds.

Finally there is the Valrhona chocolate mousse, with chocolate ice-cream.

Not bad value for $38 a head, though the bar makes a bit back with water, wine and tip, Your humble narrator is somewhat surprised to see that the men's urinal is packed with ice cubes for some esoteric reason.

From there, it's a short unsteady walk to the Marquis Theatre to see Penn and Teller, famed stage magicians and controversialists.

The show is very entertaining - Penn Jillette is a showman from central casting, and Teller the perfect silent straight man and Stan Laurel lookalike, Jazz pianist Mike Jones opens the show and provides incidental music. They perform ten magic tricks, usually explaining how they did it and debunking psychics and paranormal powers as they go. There's lots of audience participation and the audience members leave the stage with props as souvenirs, We pick up some merchandise for my son and his girlfriend, who are fans.

One is very cute - a copy of the Bill of Rights printed on a metal plate, It beeps if you go through the metal detector at airports "so you literally have to hand over your rights to the TSA to fly".

We walk back through Times Square, where the tourist crowds have parted just a little, to the C train and home.

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